Chanticleer Farms, LLC is a family-owned working farm south of Richmond, IN. The properties include cropland, mixed-use acreage, and naturally wooded conservation land.
The farm in its current state was originally purchased and named by George Klemperer in 1942, who developed the grounds for farming and living. Chanticleer Farms, Inc. was established about 50 years later by the family as a jointly-owned corporation, and continues to be run by members of the family as a productive farm and natural area.

Historical tidbit:
The main farmhouse was built by Larkin Gaar in 1848, one of 11 Gaar siblings, some of whom also built houses in the Richmond area. He resided on the property with his wife, Sarah, and was the progenitor of six offspring. Larkin currently resides in Elkhorn Cemetery on Esteb Road in Wayne County.

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