Music Fest Thank-You Letter

We found and scanned in a nice thank-you letter from Prophets Fest from a year or two ago. The words speak for themselves:

Dear […] and […],

We personally wanted to take a few moments to thank you for opening you farm for others to enjoy.

[…] and I have been coming to Prophets Fest since it began, and we can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed it. We truly understand the hard work all of you have to go through to put on an event such as this, and we want everyone to know that it’s truly appreciated.

The beauty of the outdoors is so pronounced when you’re here. … has even said, “The weather is always beautiful at Prophets Fest.” 🙂 (that’s a very true statement)

In our fast-paced world, where we’re so busy, it seems like we all miss the things that are important.

What I’ve observed today; little children running around, exploring, smiles on everyone’s faces as they meet new people, friendly people everywhere, butterflies landing around me all the time, the sun sparkling off the water, wonderful music fills the air (of course our favorite music won’t be ’til later tonight when […] and […] and […] play – sorry, I don’t know the other names)

Most of all, I guess we just wanted you to know how very much we appreciate the kindness of sharing your bit of heaven and beauty with us.

Tell the Everyday Prophets they can always count on us to be here at Prophets Fest. We wouldn’t miss it.

With gracious hearts,

Blessings with you until next year.

Thank-you letter page 1

Thank-you letter page 1

Thank-you letter page 2

Thank-you letter page 2